Sunday, 16 December 2012

Put aside money to shop for preparedness items that will privide some comfort and security

I have designed this diagram to illustrate a simple budget plan. The monthly income can be any amount. We all have different amounts of incomes coming into each household and we also
have different bills to pay each month.
An Investment Account is a good idea because in order to get at that money, you have to go into the bank to do the transaction.

Some months everything flows nicely, until that month when you may have done a lot of downloading on the internet, you see the bill at the end of the month and of course you let out that
arrhhhhhhhh! yell. Another good thing is you do not have to spend the clothing money every month, nor the entertainment money every month. If you do not use that money the best place to put it is in the Investment Account.

Let the Investment Account be the place where all monies you do not spend accumulate so that way you can buy the tools you will meed when you buy in bulk, you can take vacations that you will enjoy because  you took the time to plan it well.

To find out more about obtaining preparedness items and how to store  these items: these items include medicine chest with all the things you will need in case of a disaster, also in case of scarcity
of such items because of injuries that may be caused by flooding, fire, famine. To learn more about this visit natural news and, activist post.
These two sites have the best lists of items you will need to start buying,  seriously.

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Author: Marsha Anderson

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