Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to create a winning Clarity of Offer for your business plan

One of the key sections in a solid business plan is the Clarity of Offer.  It is used to give a good description of your company, product, or service. Basicly, it is composed of no more than three sentences that gives someone a picture of what your company/or business is about.

The Clarity of Offer is the only part of your business plan that you have to be vocally engaging with others to describe your business. You have to write one and remember the words in order to be relaxed and assertive in your presentation or transfer of information in the public arena.

Here is an example:

Income from Income is a guide blog written by Marsha Anderson. It is a useful tool to encourage people to accumulate income, to invest in a tax-free investment account,  to create a plan that allows people to nurture themselves, and learn that the message is the messenger.

Its short enough to share in an elevator, its interesting enough that someone asks for your business card.

I hope this helps. Once you have created your Clarity of Offer make a copy and put it with the rest of your business plan.

Thank You,
Marsha Anderson

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