Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tips on learning how to be an effective communicator to boost your income

Many businesses tend to see communications as a Human Resources issue and not as an essential vehicle that should be used to turn ideas into completed works. Effective communications can  positively impact your sales, productivity, and your retention as an employer/employee of your own business.
As a business owner, one has three options; oral, written, vocal opportunities and,  one has to learn how to benefit from each. 

These are the seven C's of Effective Communications:

1. Completness: 
  • When the message leaves no questions in the mind of the receiver
2. Conciseness
  • When the message saves time and cost as it underlines and highlights the main message to the audience. It is  non-repetitive in nature
3. Consideration:
  • The message takes the audience into consideration. You can do this by modifying your words in the message to suit the needs of the audience while attempting to make your message complete
  • Example: Exhibit interest in the audience to stimulate positive reactions
4. Clarity: 
  • A clear message makes use of exact appropriate and concrete words
5. Concreteness:
  • A concrete message is one supported with specific facts and figures, and implies being particular with a purpose to strengthen confidence
6. Courtesy:
  • Messages should be sincerely polite, judicious, reflective, and enthusiastic,  It shows the positive, respectful, and focused attitude of the sender
7. Correctness:
  • Messages are exact, correct, and well timed. They have a greater impact on the audience/consumers using appropriate and correct language and, they can boost the confidence level.
I hope that you will apply these tips to ensure more profits.
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Marsha Anderson

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